We’re experts, this is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else!

We carry all brands of hardware to make sure you get the product that suits your specific needs and complies with ADA and Life safety codes. These items are usually in stock or one day away.

We repair or replace door hardware including locking or latching systems, panic hardware, door closers, etc.

We provide and install new hardware as required.

We create custom master key systems for each application.

We offer restricted key systems that CANNOT be duplicated without your authorization. This is accomplished because we have acquired our own keyways that cannot be purchased by home centers, hardware stores or even other locksmiths!

We design and install electronic access control systems. Nearly anything you could think of to provide 24hr access control of your facility. You control who’s there and when. These systems can be controlled and monitored by you from any P.C. you choose. You can activate, deactivate or change access times unique to each of your personnel’s requirements in seconds.